It is a certified course and absolutely one of a kind. It is an extraordinary course which enables its students to master all the technicalities of Tajweed ul Qur’an, covering all the important aspects in such a short time.


20 hours

Who can enrol?

The one who has already learnt basic Tajweed.


  • We use whiteboard to make mind maps for easy learning.
  • We relate different concepts through examples to make remembrance easy.
  • Qualified and highly experienced teacher.
  • After attending this course you can teach Tajweed to anyone at anytime without revision or preparation, InshaAllah.
  • Class drills to improve memorization of rules and techniques.


In this advance Tajweed course, students are not allowed to write anything during the class. They are just supposed to focus on whiteboard but when students go home they make assignment and write everything by heart that they’ve learnt in class. It goes for three/four days and students do writing practice from start every day. After the course students are given a time period in which they write whole Tajweed thesis with their own name.