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Course Details

Hifz al Qur’an Program

  • Melodic Qirat and strong Manzil.
  • Advance Tajweed course along with Hifz.
  • Well-educated teachers
  • Terbiyah of Islamic manners in light of Qur’an and Sunnah.

Advance Tajweed Course

  • We use whiteboard to make mind maps for easy learning.
  • Qualified and highly experienced teacher.
  • After attending this course you can teach Tajweed …..

Qur’an Learning through TPI

  • You will understand 50% words of the Qur’an
  • After this course you will never think or say that Qur’an is difficult, insha Allah.
  • Revolutionary technique to improve grammar.

About Al Qirat

Dr. Abdur Rehman Hafeez is student of Dr. Abdul Aziz Abdur Rahim, an approved teacher of Understand Qur’an in India. He has taught to many groups of people. He loves to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Dr. Abdur Rehman Hafeez holds PHD degree in Hadith Sciences from International Islamic University Islamabad. He did his Aalim course from Markaz Dawah Salafiyah Faisalabad. . He did Tajweed ul Quran from Jamia Islamia Rawlakot AJK and Hifz ul Quran from Asriya Jhelum.

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